Cheetahs, like many other animals in Maasai Mara national park, have several similar problems. And if struggling with natural threats is not in our power then it’s quite real to do this with the ones that come from people.

 For the current moment there are three main threats to the cheetah caused by a human:

 – farmers, that occupy more and more territories, thus breaking wild animals natural habitat;

 – poachers;

 – tourists and tourist companies

 Our foundation cannot struggle with these threats directly, as it will take many years for staff training, obtaining numerous permissions and other bureaucratic issues. However, in the park there are administration, rangers, state and private research programs, such as KWS, which already have all the necessary and, above all, knowledges and experience. But sometimes simple technical difficulties occurs in their work – up to lack of tires for vehicles, apart from other, more complex and expensive equipment. Often there’s not enough people to work "in a field".  

 This is the reason that we decided to direct our foundation's work on solving technical issues. We collect funds for the purchase of necessary equipment for rangers and researchers, help to organize miscellaneous activities such as monitoring and collecting data about animals, and also we organize the selection of volunteers around the world. For those who wants to combine work and pleasure we organize sponsor tours, all profit from which fully goes to specific purposes exclusively related to animal protection in Maasai Mara national park.  

 You can get acquainted with the needs of rangers and research groups of Maasai Mara national park in the section «How you can help».

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