In 2016 we received an offer from a person who wished to remain anonymous to acquire an adult tiger. We found out that tiger is kept in a private menagerie where he has been deprived of normal leaving conditions for many years, fed poorly, hasn’t received proper veterinary care. The owner of the animal overestimated his capabilities, was unable to keep him and decided to put him into good hands for a small fee. So we got Dima!

Dima the tiger

At our base in Tver region there were already foxes, wolves, elks and bears which we were able to buy from hunters when these animals were still very small or even nurseling. In a cooperation with local forest service we were able to grow up and release into the wild several foxes and an elk. And now we’ve faced to a new challenge – to take an adult and completely sick tiger and put on his feet. Of course, releasing him into the wild was out of the question. An animal which has lived all his life in a cage is unable to survive in a wild. Ans so we had to cure the beast and to make his life as comfortable as possible!

Dima the tiger

And after two years we did it! During all this time Dima was under the supervision of veterinarians, was surrounded with attention and care. Fortunately all his wounds have healed, except one – resentment for people. But we do our best to restore confidence to our own kind.

Dima views

Together with our sponsors and friends we were able to move Dima from a small cage into a spacious and comfortable enclosure on the bank of a beautiful pond at the territory of a farm. For this purpose we created a special account to which any person who wishes to help us can transfer any comfortable amount.

Let’s make the tiger’s life better together!


to move Dima from a small cage into a spacious aviary. And now we are busy building a new, more spacious and comfortable enclosure on the banks of a beautiful pond on the farm.